New Book - Coming November 2010

New Book - Coming November 2010
Help! My 401(k) Has Fallen - And Must Get Up!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

401(k) Bargains

I've been talking with several clients lately (even in their 30's & 40's) who aren't sure what they should be doing with their 401(k)s. A few of them have even taken money out of the 401(k) or IRA, because they "don't want to lose anymore".

We need to remember that while the market goes up and also goes down, over time IT GOES UP. Putting money into your 401(k) now (while prices are low) can only help, especially if your employer matches your contribution. We MUST get back to thinking big picture, not just what is happening today. As one advisor likes to say, "Short Term thinking is very murky, but Long Term is crystal clear."

Walter Updegrave mentions this in his article "Don't Miss Out on 401(k) Bargains" in Money Magazine.'t-Miss-Out-on-401k-Bargains;_ylt=Ajq2DWlNpxka9nV4LwU8Qf.VBa1_?mod=fidelity-readytoretire

The best time to invest is when prices are low, and you don't want to take money out if you don't have to. It has the same effect as uprooting a plant - You are killing your money tree, in addition to paying taxes and a 10% penalty.

When would you prefer to buy groceries - at regular price or on sale?
Treat your investing the same way.

Want to lower your risk? How diversified are you?

The one thing missing in most 401(k) plans is professional advice & education for the employees. It's not enough for the guy (or lady) to come out a couple of times a year and ask if anyone has questions. My job as a professional must be to sit down with you and help you with a road map. We need to see where you are now, and where you need to be. The 401(k) is a vehicle which can (and should) be used to help you get there.

Don't miss out on 401(k) bargains!

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